Our Mission

Supporting Hemp

Mantra Life Products, LLC. seeks to educate the public and those around us about the hemp industry. Hemp is an ancient modern miracle plant, We believe that nature has the best answers when it comes to our health. We embrace nature and the use of chemical free solutions that support our bodies naturally.  

We researched farms, growers and labs across the nation. We understand our products, the process, the type of ingredients and why they matter. We carry a proprietary strain that is processed in state of the art facilities and tested in the finest labs. When it comes to the source, the quality, and the methods used to source these products, it matters.

We support the farmers and the people from our countryside communities that are behind our amazing products. With the public support for expansion of hemp, the U.S. economy can prosper. Distressed farms and communities are experiencing positive effects on local economies and old farms are being revived. Help support our farms. 

We are working to become a leader in the Hemp and Wellness industry by providing powerful products backed by quality. Our vision is a center to promote peace and wellness products.  We plan to expand our lines into a broad range of products that are as pure as possible. 

According to Forbes, the Cannabis industry is expected to continue growing 700% by 2020. The popularity of this product is backed by results for the people who use it and know it works. Become a part of the "Free the plant" movement and stand up for your rights for access to a chemical free alternative. Natural and sustainable eco friendly products are what we should all strive for. 



Our Process